Repeat Customer: 5 tips to always ensure the customer’s return

23 de February de 2022 6 minutes read Attendance

Getting a good revenue in the auto repair shop may be easy, but getting a repeat customer can be a challenge – and a big one! Especially because the automotive repair market often faces different turbulences.

The consumer is in a hurry, there are high expectations, and most of the jobs are highly complex, requiring skilled labor. However, when you provide a high standard service, you can win a loyal customer, a brand advocate and an excellent partnership!

How to win a repeat customer?

Did you know that a repeat customer can increase your auto repair shop’s profitability? By making them loyal, they probably will consume more and more of your products and services. In addition, this customer also becomes a business promoter: he’s going to nominate your auto repair shop to acquaintances and relatives. There is no better advertisement than this, right?

Thinking about that, we’ve prepared a list of valuable tips for those who want to get ahead of competition when it comes to customer loyalty:

1- Invest on personalized communication

A customer loyalty’s service happens when your company creates a link with the consumer, an approximation. And the interaction humanization is this goal secret. The tip is to observe the customer’s behavior profile to identify the best way to build this dialog.

If your auto repair shop has many customers, for example, try to keep a detailed record of each person, with a history of performed services and purchased equipment. This way, you ensure that the customer has an ongoing relationship with your company.

2- Keep your auto repair shop organized

You may be the best in the world at your job, but if your auto repair shop is a mess, the customer will certainly notice on the first visit. It’s inevitable: if the environment is disorganized, he’s probably going to assume that you, as well, are not very careful working. He may choose your auto repair shop once, but he’s hardly going to be converted into a repeat customer.

Remember that keeping the workshop organized conveys more security and professionalism and also helps in the efficiency and dynamism to your services. After all, messy items make it difficult to locate and, consequently, to perform the work. So keep everything in order and, if it helps, we have an exclusive article on this subject on RIO’s blog!

3- Expand your services

From customer’s perspective, if other auto repair shops provide the same services, the truth is that it doesn’t matter which one he delivers his car to. In the end, customers look for the closest or the cheapest one. But it changes when a garage starts to stand out from others with new services, new payment methods, new solutions, or sometimes just by offering a cozier waiting environment.

This is why getting ahead of competition is so important in this market. The garage owner can be creative, but you have to know your operation area, as well your competitors supply and demand relationships. Then, it’s easier to find out the customers’ needs and to turn this demand into opportunities that help your garage stand out.

4- Pay attention to after-sales

A good way to create a lasting bond with your customers is to invest in predictive service, in which the auto repair shop is proactive and anticipates any possible problem the customer may face. For example, think about the customers who do car maintenance with you. How about making it a habit to call them after a few days to ask if everything is okay and to reinforce that you are available?

Maybe call and tell them that it’s time to change the oil, brake pads, or air filter. It’s a simple care that shows your concern for the customer goes beyond the sale, and he feels valued, knowing that you are there whenever he needs you. This is halfway to ensure that he’ll become a repeat customer!

5- Be concerned with your stock quality

To finish the list, we need to highlight the most important step to win a repeat customer: working with quality spare parts! After all, besides operating with competitive prices and efficient labor, you need to offer guarantees using good origin parts and components.

By having a quality products supplier, you not only guarantee your customers’ satisfaction, but you can also drastically reduce application defects and rework in the workshop’s daily routine. Not to mention that the workshop gains morale and stands out from the competition, doesn’t it?

And you don’t have to go far to find the ideal supplier! RIO offers a complete automotive spare parts catalog for the main assemblers in the market, with the orange guarantee, our trademark! Get in touch with us, access our catalog and gain a powerful ally to win repeat customers in your auto repair shop!

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