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The music industry has always bet on people’s ability to dream. For this reason, travel, clothes, accessories, lifestyle, love and parties are always the reason for songs. Of course, in this context, the automotive universe could not be left out. There are several music videos starring big cars. And not only do they star, but they are often part of the lyrics of the songs.

In this article, we will show that, no matter the musical genre, the time of release or the language in which the story is sung: cars are always striking characters in the visual language of the songs. Now, turn up the sound and check out some examples that we have brought down!

1 – Painted On My Heart

For those who were into cinema at the turn of the millennium, it was almost impossible to go through the 2000s without at least hearing about the success of “60 Seconds,” an action movie starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie that, at the time, was a pioneer in “scaling” big cars for breathtaking action scenes. Among the many marks that the work left in popular culture, perhaps the song “Painted On My Heart” is one of the most important. 

Written by American composer Diane Warren, the song was recorded by the band The Cult for the film’s official soundtrack. As it should be, the clip stars many of the super machines that are also present in the film, such as the Shelby GT500 “Eleanor”, the Dodge Viper Coupe GTS, the Lamborghini Diablo and the Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

2 – Work B ** ch!

Do you want a Bugatti? Do you want a Maserati? Do you want a Lamborghini? That’s what pop princess Britney Spears asks in this 2013 hit, the first single from the album “Britney Jean”. In the clip, the cars alternate in scenes running around her as she dances in the California desert and illuminates the singer with her headlights while she dances cornered on a wall. 

The video shows the life of ostentation and lust of someone with a lot of money, including a swimming pool with sharks. Do you want to have it all? You better work! It is Britney’s tip both to take the life she shows in this clip and to have the big cars that are part of the song’s lyrics.

3 – White Knuckle Ride

This is the first single from the album Rock Dust Light Star, by the English group Jamiroquai’s. The band’s composer and vocalist, Jay Kay, is also in the desert, but this time it is in Spain and he flies over with a helicopter chasing a Porsche 911 Carrera RS. In the car, the pilot tries, at all costs, to lose Jay Kay on the aircraft. After stopping the vehicle under an overpass and fleeing on foot, the singer approaches the helicopter, finding only the empty car. 

A curiosity about the band’s vocalist is that he is passionate about cars. In its collection, there are machines such as a Ferrari 275GTB and Aston Martin DB6, for example.

4 – Stylo

Deserts seem to be almost a rule in music videos starring big cars, don’t they? Here the environment is once again the same, but it has a few more stars: a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro driven by the band’s digital mascots and a 1968 El Camino, driven by none other than Bruce Willis. 

After the band’s digital bad boys outmaneuver a police officer who was chasing them for speeding, Willis takes the mission for himself. How does this end? Just check the clip to find out. Not even the policeman is left without an end after losing control of the car!

5 – See You Again

That Fast and Furious is a franchise for lovers of cars and speed, no one has any doubt. What nobody expected was that this story with so much action would inspire a song and a clip full of emotion. Rapper Wiz Khalifa teamed up with singer Charlie Puth to compose the song whose clip would take the lead in Gangnam Style as the most viewed music video in history.

In it, Khalifa sings in the mountains while Puth plays his piano. Meanwhile, scenes from the movie Fast and Furious 7 alternate, proving that this is an authentic example of music videos starring big cars.

Closing the video, the characters Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and O’Conner (Paul Walker) say goodbye and Walker drives into the sunset. For those who don’t remember, the song was a tribute to the film’s production for the death of actor Paul Walker. That’s why it’s so successful and why it’s Paul’s brother who plays O’Conner in the video.

6 – Show Me What You Got

Here we are again in the city, more specifically in Monaco, and this time on a run. One of the contestants is the only woman to win a Formula Indy race in 2008 in Japan: Danica Patrick, riding a Pagani Zonda Roadster, 6.0 V12 engine. In a Ferrari, the owner of the song, Jay-Z, is riding with Dale Earnhardt Jr., who competes in NASCAR. In music videos starring big cars, you couldn’t miss racecar drivers, could you?

The video is a tribute to the James Bond films. The initial scene, in which there is the chase, alludes to the film 007’s Golden Eye. The song is the first single from the 2006 album Kingdom Come.

Bonus – Fuscão Preto

In order not to leave Brazil out of this list of music videos starring big cars, this bonus brings a classic of country music. Originally sung by Trio Parada Dura (which does not have a clip), here the version is made by the duo Marcio & Douglas. The video, of course, stars a black Volkswagen Beetle. And does anyone have any doubt that this is a classic of Brazilian racing (and songwriting)?

Now just drop the sound and enjoy this first-rate selection that we have prepared for you with music from various eras, styles and artists! Oh, and keep an eye here on our blog for other leisure recommendations and, of course, tips to help in the routine of your business. After all, RIO has a replacement portfolio of automotive parts to never let you down, for any car you need and whatever soundtrack you prefer!

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