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2 de February de 2022 3 minutes read Institutional

The debate about environmental preservation and concern for the future generations has gained strength, especially in the last 30 years. There is a consensus in favor of sustainable development that makes social and environmental responsibility increasingly present in the agenda of truly committed organizations.

This is why large companies operating in various sectors of the global economy, such as RIO, seek to adopt good practices to care for the planet and the society they are part of.

The market and people are increasingly demanding, they analyze the origin of products before any purchase, always concerned about knowing the level of social and environmental responsibility of companies. In the world, at least half of the population takes this issue into account when making purchases.

Aware of this, RIO has been developing educational, environmental, and innovation projects for at least two decades, among other areas of value. Among them are the incentive of selective collection – the company’s premises have waste separation garbage cans all over the place – and also the recycling seal, that consists in a reverse recycling logistics proportional to 22% of the orange boxes of our products distributed to the market.

The goal is to raise everyone’s awareness for environmental preservation and to work even harder to promote the quality of life of employees, partners, and the local community.


Read more about our initiatives and get inspired!


The Commemorative Planting is a deforestation awareness project. Each one of our employees, when they complete exactly five years working with us, plants a native tree seedling, in order to contribute to the planet’s environment preservation. The Commemorative Planting was created 19 years ago. Between then and now, 5 hectares of trees were planted by RIO’s team in this project.


The water used by RIO is collected by draining the surplus from four water bodies located in the upper areas of the industrial grand. The water flows through a natural gravity process to the treatment station, which makes the water drinkable for daily use in all structures, both manufacturing – in the foundry ovens – and administrative.


Through physical-chemical and biological processes, RIO treats all the recoverable effluent generated in the manufacturing processes, as well as the effluents from sinks, bathrooms, and kitchens. After treatment, the effluent is used in the cooling towers of the induction furnaces.


Carried out in partnership with Senai – a brazilian’s renomated training institution -, the program enables young people aged 16 and 17 to work in the industrial sector. Thus, in addition to the theory obtained in the classroom, the students have their first contact with the administrative, engineering, and production areas, putting their learning into practice at RIO.


RIO values innovative ideas and believes that they deserve to be highlighted. The Great Turn Around Project is a program that encourages our team to share ideas to increase productivity, reduce expenses and avoid waste in order to make our production process more responsible.


Now you know: RIO is a company concerned with social and environmental responsibility. We care about the environment and people, all to guarantee the orange quality of our products. Talk to us and get to know our catalog. At RIO, you can trust!

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