RIO 2021 retrospective: check out our main launches in spare parts

22 de December de 2021 6 minutes read Institutional

Everyone knows that automotive spare parts are extremely important for those who work with repairs. After all, there is a high demand in the national market led by mechanic workshops, automotive centers and remodeling. Ensuring that all your customers’ needs are met and offering a differentiated and quality service are essential factors for the success of your repair shop!

And of course, if your company wants to ensure customer satisfaction, it is essential that you choose good suppliers — this means that the spare parts offered will be of quality, reducing the chances of rework, triggering guarantees and making consumers come back to your service when they need it.

RIO catalog: spare parts for every need

Here at RIO, our development, after-sales and customer relationship teams know very well that the market does not take time off and, therefore, work in constant communication to meet the demands of a growing market. All with the mission of not letting your workshop or your customers down.

That’s why, throughout 2021, we filled our catalog with news for light, heavy, agricultural and industrial lines, all with the orange quality that is already a reference here at RIO. Come with us to take a look at the spare parts that were featured in this period:

Heavy line

With an eye on simplifying the routine of the Expert who works with heavy lines, RIO launched a complete range of spare parts for trucks and utility vehicles. Starting with Cylinder Shirts, the DAFT, FOTON, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLVO, VOLARE and VOLKSWAGEN lines have gained new units.

Oh, and to meet another constant demand in the market, our Valve Guide family has also gained new members, with equipment for the DAF, MAN and MERCEDES-BENZ lines. The Valve Seats also gained company, with launches for the CUMMINS and DAF lines.

Throughout 2021, the RIO customer can also discover the new series of valves, special for the FOTON, HINO, KIA, MERCEDES-BENZ, MWM, VOLARE AND VOLKSWAGEN lines.

Light line

For the light and utility lines, RIO’s catalog brought new products to improve even more the service provided in your repair shop: a brand new portfolio of rocker arms for CHEVROLET, FIAT, FORD, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, and PEUGEOT.

The selection of Cylinder Liners from the house also got bigger. New parts now reinforce the portfolio for the CHEVROLET, FORD, HYUNDAI, PEUGEOT, MITSUBISHI and VOLKSWAGEN lines. Oh, and it’s worth remembering that the family of the great headmaster has grown: we have new Camshafts for the CHEVROLET, FIAT, FORD, NISSAN, PEUGEOT and RENAULT lines.

Here at RIO, we brought news in the Valve Guides, which now have parts for the CHERY, CHEVROLET and VOLKSWAGEN lines. In the list of Valve Seats there is also new blood in the area: new spare parts for CHEVROLET, CITRÖEN, FIAT, HYUNDAI, FORD, FIAT, JEEP, KIA, PEUGEOT and RENAULT lines.

A new Valves portfolio also arrived for the AGRALE, CHEVROLET, CITRÖEN, FIAT, FORD, HYUNDAI, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN and MITSUBISHI lines, as well as new P&A Kits for CHEVROLET and FIAT.

Undustrial line

And of course the heavy industrial machinery sector would not be left out of this catalog of releases, right? So much so that the CATERPILLAR Cylinder Sleeves and Valve Seat lines have gained a number of new items. The same goes for JCB Valves, which gained two new representatives to further expand spare part coverage.

Agricultural Line

To close with a flourish, we also need to highlight the news for the agricultural line, as the repairer of these machines now has new spare parts in Cylinder Liners for the DEUTZ and JOHN DEERE lines.

So, were you already aware of all these new features in RIO’s catalog? And that’s just what happened from the launch in 2021! Remember that RIO’s portfolio has more than 5,000 items, with over 500 special spare parts with custom material and dimensions!

Visit our website, talk to our team of experts and find out how we can help you revolutionize your service delivery! Oh, and be sure to check out the special material we’ve prepared with a compilation of all our releases: just click here!

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