Financial Relief: learn how to increase the engine rectifier income

3 de March de 2022 6 minutes read Management

Having an engine rectifier full of customers is great for the business owner. But it is also true that this “good rush” does not give chances to put a strategic planning on the agenda focused on increase the engine rectifier income, since the managers are always busy dealing with deadlines and still managing the contact with suppliers.

In this article, we show you there are practical and functional solutions to ensure positive sales at the end of the month. And the good news is that it depends mainly on understanding which are the most suitable actions to increase the engine rectifier profits without giving up the work quality!

Check out 5 tips to increase the engine rectifier income

In the last few years the automotive repair market has undergone changes. It’s fundamental to be creative and practical in order to balance the books, so we’ve prepared a list with five tips to help you increase the engine rectifier income:

1 – Is it possible to increase the supply of services? Then go deep!

Getting ahead of the competition is an alternative to ensure a larger turnover, right? But how to stand out in a competitive and delicate market, in which most customers already have a reliable repair shop?

To start, offering differentials services is a good idea, such as recoreving parts and components your competitors do not offer, or a partnership with a good supplier to offer customized parts with special oversizes, for example.

2 – Have you thought about establishing a deadline policy?

For those who have the car as their main means of transport, each day without it seems like an endless drama. That is why auto repair shops must take redoubled care when indicating delivery deadlines and estimates. Hence, once again, the importance of having qualified labor – well-trained and experienced employees will find it easier to make estimates and diagnoses.

With deadlines met and customers satisfied, the chances they will refer your auto repair shop to family and friends are much greater! Not to mention that they will come back to you themselves if they have any problems. That is why it’s important to take the time to talk to your staff and establish this manual of best practices!

3 – Qualifying the team requires investment, but you can get quick result

If you think that your employees qualification does not have a direct relationship with sales, you should change your mind. Once the auto repair shop owner has a specialized team in Cummins engines or downsized components recovering, the chances of catching those customers who drop in from time to time are much greater.

Seek for training, courses, and other activities that your employees can participate in to be up-to-date. This action could have some initial cost, but the customer portfolio increase is certainly going to provide a very fast return in business cash flow!

4 – Never give up on the quality of the service provided

It is no secret that the customer is becoming more and more demanding, especially when it comes to their cars, since it’s expensive to have one. Therefore, it’is important to maintain a high level of quality, both in the service provided and in parts and equipment used in the daily auto repair shop! routine

Many companies choose suppliers of dubious quality expecting to reduce costs. But remember that the idea is to increase the income of the auto repair shop, not to put your credibility at stake! Therefore, do not level down and always make a point of working only with brands that offer good origin!

5 – Service pricing is serious business! Learn how to do it

Precifying your services in a fair and coherent way is fundamental for the financial balance of your business. Imagine that during an action to attract more customers, your repair shop decides to reduce the profit margin of labor and focus on gains with differentiated and special services. Besides having to deal with the uncertainty of what comes and goes, you run serious risks of closing the month in the red to be able to honor your financial obligations.

Therefore, it’is worth studying the market, checking the prices that your partners and competitors practice and try to find a middle ground.

All right? Then, get to work!

Paying special attention to customer service and ensuring the quality of the service provided is, without a doubt, the main focus of any business: nobody wants a customer to leave dissatisfied or to return very soon with the same problem. So, put into practice these tips and count on us to increase the engine rectifier income!

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