RIO Tips: Learn how to seek out and attract new customers at your auto parts retail location.

12 de January de 2023 Management

With increased competition and demand for auto parts and engine components, storeowners across Brazil are faced with a new challenge: attracting new customers. Of course, there is no simple solution to the issue of attracting customers, but there are, however, some criteria that you can use to seek out new groups of clients for your business.

From the evolution of the auto parts sector to changes in customer behavior patterns in recent years – particularly when we talk about digital environments, several other factors are also taken into consideration when a customer completes a purchase. With this in mind, in today’s RIO Blog article, we have brought together some tips that can help retail partners boost sales and develop loyalty among new customers. So get your pen and paper ready and learn how to put these tips into practice. Without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s tips.

Offer high-quality service 

Offering attentive and high-quality service should be your main priority from the moment you open your store until you close your doors at the end of the day. Offer members of the public support and special attention generates a good reputation for retailers and storeowners. This is a fact that we cannot get around.

Offering agility and being cordial and professional in offering services can make your relationship with clients much more effective. This is turn makes it more likely that a customer will return to your store. Remember: good service means satisfied customers!

Aim for perfection with offers and promotions  

If there’s one thing we all love – not just customers – it’s a sale. But this doesn’t have to be bad for business. Competitively pricing can increase your store’s visibility. Sales allow you to increase your conversion rate and the average amount purchased and generate loyalty among customers.

For example, you can change the approach you use to offer products and set yourself apart from traditional models used by competitors. Try to use sales to advertise new product releases, put together parts/product kits, create a loyalty program or even offer special freebies to first-time buyers. Remember: A sense of urgency often goes a long way in retail.

Spread the word on sales  

A good sale is wasted if it is not well-advertised. In addition to offering your sales as much publicity as possible, put your money where potential customers are. Are your customers active on social media? Create engaging posts detailing your product offer. Are these customers on WhatsApp? A broadcast list is an extremely valuable resource when seeking to reach such clients.

Another option is investing in paid traffic. These days there are professionals and digital marketing agencies that offer this type of service at a more affordable price, which can be a useful tool in increasing sales.

Invest in diversifying your sales channels 

Consumer behavior has changed a lot in recent years. And an active presence in the digital environment makes a big difference when attracting new customers. Diversifying your sales channels is therefore essential to reaching more potential customers.

A handy tip is to invest in a store e-commerce platform, which is a fast, simple and modern means of providing consumers with a solid purchasing experience. You can even establish partnerships with marketplace platforms. But make sure to also provide closer services, whether by phone, WhatsApp or over the counter. The important thing is to diversify your sales approach, providing your business’s different consumer profiles with new options.

Seek to establish successful partnerships 

Since we already touched on this topic in the previous section, we’ll talk a bit more in depth here. Today, there are new partnership models that are more likely to allow your business to obtain positive results. One of the most suitable models involves offering product discounts to your partner’s customers, allowing them to in turn become consumers of your products and services as well. Since we are talking about the automotive sector, it is best to consider your client base: automotive centers, body shops, repair or engine overhaul shops, among others.

Here the most important thing is to be creative and take actions to benefit not only the brands involved, but the customers themselves.

Take advantage of commemorative dates 

To once again touch on the subject of sales, another useful tip is to take advantage of opportunities that arise. Commemorative dates and holidays are the perfect opportunity to implement sales and promotions. The start of the year is a great time to establish special product offers. Just like 2022, 2023 will be full of important dates that will allow you to plan in advance and prepare for an increase in sales.

A perfect example is Black Friday. Black Friday is celebrated around the world, and customers across a wide range of markets eagerly await this type of campaign. And the automotive sector, of course, is no different. In fact, we have a complete article dedicated to providing you with 4 digital marketing tips to use in your auto parts store during Black Friday.

Use after-sales to your advantage 

If you’re seeking to beyond making the sale and developing customer loyalty, then you’ll be interested in the following tips. Establishing a connection with your client base can often be a challenging task. However, this is something that can be solved through attention and dedication on the part of the retailer.

The first step towards developing loyalty is providing an excellent service, as we mentioned before. Maintaining a solid relationship through means of emails, messages, phone calls and listening carefully and being humble ahead of potential complaints (that’s right, it happens) is part of the process.

The ideal option is to maintain a close relationship so that the customer begins to recognize that they have a relationship with your store that is based on trust.


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