List: 6 valuable tips for after-sales at mechanical workshops

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Those who work with automotive repair must understand that customer relations do not end when they take their vehicle away. In fact, it is when the car returns to its owner that the process of after-sales at workshops starts — a very fruitful strategy that, when properly executed, might make the difference to build customer loyalty!

First of all, let us understand the concept of after-sales at workshops

After-sales, a concept frequently associated with the retail of products, is an equally crucial practice for companies operating in the sector of services, especially mechanical workshops. This procedure includes all actions performed after a service is completed, with the purpose of guaranteeing the customer’s satisfaction, building loyalty and stimulating recurring business.

This means that, within the context of automotive repair, after-sales at workshops must go beyond simply performing a repair or maintenance, focusing on building a lasting relation with your customer base.

The good news is that this can be done in multiple ways, such as through after-service follow-up, sending personalized offers based on the customer’s history, sending reminders of future maintenances and even providing proactive support for any issues or concerns that may arise after a visit.

This is the type of care that not only improves the customer’s experience, but also transforms an occasional service into a relation of trust and preference, resulting in customers returning for additional services and starting recommending your workshop to other potential customers!

6 techniques of after-sales at workshop to build customer loyalty and increase your revenue

You could notice that an effective approach for after-sales at workshops involves keeping a continuous dialogue with customers, guaranteeing that all their needs are met and exceeding their expectations, right? To make an Expert’s routine easier, we separated some good practices to help you transform after-sales into a powerful tool for your business to be successful. Take note:

1 – After-service follow-up

After returning the vehicle, follow-up with your customer. A call or message some days later in order to ask about the customer’s satisfaction with the service might make a huge difference. This shows that your workshop cares not only with the quality of the service, but also with the experience it offers.

2 – Loyalty programs

Implement loyalty or discount programs for recurring customers. Offering a free service or inspection after a given number of visits encourages customers to return. This type of initiative no only rewards loyalty, but also stimulates a continuous business relation.

3 – Feedbacks and evaluations

Encouraging customers to provide feedback and evaluations regarding the services provided is also part of after-sales at workshops. Use online platforms, such as social networks and evaluation websites, to make this process easier. Positive feedbacks increase the trust of new customers, while constructive criticisms offer an opportunity to improve the services.

4 – Customer education

Offer useful information about preventive maintenance and care with the vehicle. This can be done via emails, blogs or social media. Educating your customers on the importance of preventive maintenance not only helps avoiding future problems, but also reinforces the perception of the value of your services.

5 – Personalized communication

Keep a detailed record of every customer and their respective vehicles. Use this information to personalize your communication, such as reminding the customer of periodic inspections or sending greetings on special dates. A personalized communication makes the customer feels valued and increases the probability of returning.

6 – Guarantee for the services provided

Finally, offer guarantees for the services provided, making the customer rest assured that any issue occurring within the guarantee will be solved at no additional costs. This conveys trust regarding the quality of the service provided and the workshop’s responsibility.

Remember: an efficient service starts by choosing high-quality parts!

The trust regarding the maintenance and repairs performed at any workshop is directly related to the use of components capable of guaranteeing a good performance and the safety of the vehicle. Here is where RIO stands out as a powerful ally for Experts! With a catalogue of over 5,000 items for several lines and models, we provide the optimal portfolio to meet the needs of the main car manufacturers on national and international markets.

By using RIO’s parts, you not only guarantee customers are satisfied with effective maintenance and repair services, but also reinforces your workshop’s image as an establishment that always work with parts with guarantee of good origin. Therefore, you establish a solid base for effective after-sales, where customer’s satisfaction and loyalty are natural consequences of the excellence of the service provided.

Check our catalogue, see our list of applications and keep an eye on this blog for more important tips such as these ones!

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