Learn 4 practical application tips for the Piston and Ring kit

1 de September de 2021 4 minutes Technical Tips

We are well aware that in the routine of an auto repairman, there are a number of tasks that a mechanic has already mastered – either because of the number of times he/she has repeated a specific repair, or because that is their area of expertise. But when it comes to the application of the piston and ring kit, not every professional has the same confidence to get their hands dirty.

That’s because this set represents one of the most critical parts for the car’s operation and any carelessness can lead to problems. But rest assured: in this article, we have separated some application tips that will simplify the professional’s routine!

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Pay attention to the positioning of the tips of the rings

You already know that the ends of the piston rings do not meet – this spacing serves precisely to allow the rings to be inserted into and removed from the piston grooves and to provide a space for the material to expand when it reaches high temperatures. However, the rings are also largely responsible for sealing the combustion chamber.

Therefore, the applicator must respect a distance of at least 120 degrees between each tip on the piston circumference. Otherwise, the alignment of these spaces will cause the system sealing to be compromised, causing a loss of compression and loss of oil coming from the crankcase.

Fit the ring with the proper tools

The compression ring and scraper ring are very rigid components, with very little tolerance for lateral twists.

That’s why it’s important to use the correct tools, such as spacing pliers or expander pliers, which open the rings just enough so that they go through the piston head. Remember: manual methods can compromise the life of the set!

Identify the upper side of the rings

In addition to following an application order and respecting the distance between the tips, the piston rings must also be installed in a specific position, as there is a part that must face upwards, in the same direction as the piston head. In RIO kits, for example, the applicator can identify a small marking cavity near the tips of the rings, indicating the upper part of the part.

This helps the mechanic in assembling asymmetrical assemblies, always facing the piston head, and ensures a more assertive application. Reversing the component sides — putting the ring upside down, as they say in the shop — damages the sealing of the system, damages cylinder liner honing and accelerates piston wear!

Before replacing the piston, find the source of the problem

Generally, there are three factors that damage this component: application error, cylinder dirt and lack of lubrication. Therefore, it is essential that the mechanic first solves the cause of the problem, replacing the air filter, adjusting the oil level or adjusting the application, and only then change it to a piston and ring kit!

Top quality’s Piston and Ring kit? Count on RIO!

By following the practical tips presented here, the chances of having a problem with the application of the piston and ring kit in your workshop routine will certainly decrease a lot! Except that, in addition to knowing how to do it, the expert repairman also needs to have reliable solutions at hand when working on the car’s engine. After all, in addition to the reputation of the professional and the workshop, the integrity of the vehicle and the safety of passengers are at stake.

The good news is that RIO ‘s entire line of pistons and rings is planned and developed to withstand increases in revolutions and consequent temperature rises in the combustion chamber of new generations of engines, meeting the most discerning requirements of the aftermarket and going through rigorous metrology, precision and quality processes. Visit our website, discover our catalog and find out how we can help your business!

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