4 essential care tips for car electric engine repair

15 de September de 2021 6 minutes Technical Tips

Little by little, the automobile industry is adapting to the ecological demands defined by the automakers, always keeping an eye on the goals for reducing the emission of polluting gases. In addition to being sustainable, these practices change the profile of the technologies offered to the market and that is why being aware of electric engine repair techniques is essential, as these vehicles tend to appear more and more frequently in the repair shop.

Even though these machines have “simpler” mechanics and are therefore known to be more robust and durable, repairing the electric engine is also necessary from time to time. On the part of mechanics, some precautions are essential and knowing them is a way to increase the quantity and ensure the quality of services offered to customers.

4 Tips for Electric Car Engine Repair

To help the partner mechanic better understand what precautions to take when repairing an electric engine, we’ve listed some valuable tips in this article! You will find that even the most advanced and modern technology needs competent professionals to provide security to customers and ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. Check them out!

1 – Get to know the characteristics of the electric car engine

The electric car engine is quite simple compared to a traditional combustion engine. Basically, it has just one set of moving parts and all the work is concentrated on the rotor — which rotates inside a stator. Because they have different magnetic fields, these two components repel each other, causing the rotational movement.

This engine is powered mainly by the energy from the battery bank, which is even the most sensitive part of this whole set. That’s because, even though it’s able to deliver unrivaled durability and performance, it still depends on the energy-density capacity that the batteries provide, which isn’t the best.

In addition to losing energy efficiency over time, there is still no technology accurate and efficient enough to restore them, forcing battery replacement — which is still quite expensive, although it takes time to be necessary.

Because of this characteristic, car electric engine repair is basically focused on preventive maintenance. This, however, requires very specific care. And in addition to the engine, there are other items that deserve attention so that the driver can continue using his vehicle safely, such as changing the lubricating fluids, maintenance of the electrical part and, eventually, replacement of the belts.

2 – Pay attention to safety measures to work with these vehicles

For those items and components that are not exclusive to the electric car — suspension and brake systems, tires, bodywork, hydraulics and the like — the precautions are exactly the same: the mechanic must treat these components with the same care they would dedicate to any other car. Differentiated attention only begins, in fact, when you touch items that are specific to the electric engine repair routine.

In this case, compliance with certain procedures is essential for the professional’s safety. When working with inverters and converters, batteries and traction motors or with the high voltage cables themselves, it is essential to pay extra attention. Ideally, the service area should be isolated, signaled, and the vehicle should be powered down according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is also critical that the proper PPEs are in use. These include:

• Class 0 insulating gloves for work up to 1000 AC or 1500 DC (the use of a scraping glove over the insulator is indicated as additional safety in case of a cut);
• Tools with isolation up to 1000 AC or 1500 DC;
• Face shield with glasses;
• Safety shoe for up to 35kV;
• Flame retardant clothing.

3 – Check the customer’s car usage pattern

Precisely understanding the characteristics of this type of equipment and the demands that can arise when repairing a car’s electric engine, it’s time to get your hands dirty! In possession of the safety equipment and procedures that we have just mentioned, ask the customer about the vehicle’s usage habits.

Check if the car owner noticed any different noise or any strangeness in the operation or driving of the car. Confirm the charging time, frequency of this action and other diagnostic information that can make it easier to identify a potential problem so that the work is more agile and accurate, allowing you to directly see what may be happening.

4 – Understand the elements that most demand repair

In evaluating what necessarily needs repair, it is essential to understand which items actually require attention, as the engine itself has greater resistance and a very low possibility of causing problems.

The battery, as we said, is still the most sensitive aspect of electric cars. But this is far from implying that it is a problem: these components deliver a very high index of strength and durability. Therefore, the important thing is to check if it is transmitting the charge correctly. This check can be carried out with a multimeter, which measures the quantities referring to an electrical current.

The lubrication of the components must also be checked for the proper functioning of the set, always according to the deadlines defined by the manufacturer. In models that have belts, it is worth a special check, which is no different from what happens in combustion engines.

So, did you like our tips? Really, repairing the electric engine of the car is a subject that still has a lot to be learned, as the popularization of this technology is just beginning. The good thing is that this means that the mechanical workshop prepared and informed to deal with this demand already starts with a powerful competitive differential. Being a professional attentive to this matter also promotes a prominence in the market and among your customers!

In case you have any questions about the subject that we deal with here or already know some essential care in the electric car engine repair, feel free to leave your comment in the space below. Take the opportunity to share this article and don’t forget: regardless of the technology, RIO will always be the best partner for Experts!

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