Engine valves: important care in the maintenance of SUVs

24 de April de 2024 5 minutes Technical Tips

It is known for a long time that SUVs play an essential role on the daily operations of companies and workers around the world, acting as central elements for transport fleet, assistance, repair, etc. This is why robustness, resistance and high performance are some indispensable attributes for those who depend on these machines, which may require extra attention by mechanic workshops during the maintenance of SUVs.

After all, they also require internal components to be up for the daily challenges that are faced — especially in engine valves, which require special care during routine application and maintenance, given the intensity of the work they are submitted to. This is why, in this article, we will review some good practices that help an Expert stand out on the service provided. Stay with us and good reading!

SUVs and their benefits for modern work

There is no doubt SUVs are major allies for the corporate world and autonomous workers, directly impacting the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Their robustness and capacity to adjust make SUVs indispensable tools in several activities, including transport, technical assistance or specialized services.

Therefore, it is not only desirable, but also necessary, for these vehicles to be durable, requiring high-quality internal components capable of enduring the rigors of continuous usage to guarantee the efficiency of any maintenance of SUVs. It is within this context that engine valves play a critical role!

Look: valves are the main parts responsible for controlling the entry and exit flow of air and fuel, such as combustion gases. This means that any failure on these components may be the difference between an efficient vehicle and a car stopped at the side of the road — this is the type of situation that is particularly sensitive for those who depend on these machines!

In other words, given the more intensive work to which SUVs are submitted, proper application and maintenance of these valves are essential in order to guarantee not only their superior performance, but also the safety and reliability of this model as a whole.

Thus, despite being performed routinely, the repair and maintenance of engine valves must be considered as an investment on continuity and efficacy of the service provided by them. Therefore, using high-quality components and following the best maintenance practices are fundamental steps to maximize the performance and lifespan of vehicles, as we will see below.

Engine valves: 4 tips for the maintenance of SUVs

It is essential to understand that the maintenance of engine valves in SUVs is no trivial task. It requires technical knowledge, precision and choosing the right tools and parts. Here we will see some recommended good practices to make sure valves are always in optimal operating conditions, enhancing the performance and durability of the vehicles under your workshop’s responsibility . Take note:

1 – Perform an outstanding regular inspection

Regular inspection makes it possible to identify wear or damages early, which is very important to avoid unexpected failures. Therefore, during the maintenance of SUVs, use diagnostic tools to check clearances, wearing of valve rods and seats, and potential carbon accumulation.

Remember that this careful observation can reveal issues that, if ignored, may lead to more complex and expansive repairs. The frequency of these inspections must not be adjusted based on the vehicle’s intensity of use and on the operating conditions to which it is submitted.

2 – Clean carefully

Although it is virtually inevitable, the accumulation of residues in valves and combustion chambers may significantly compromise the efficiency of the engine. Thus, this whole set must be duly sanitized when the engine is submitted to an inspection and, in such cases, the mechanic must use appropriate solvents and specific techniques to remove carbon depots without damaging the parts.

Tip: this cleaning not only improves the vehicle’s performance, but also prevents overheating and accelerated wearing of the parts, providing more longevity and increasing the trust of customers on your maintenance skills for SUVs.

3 – Carefully adjust valves

A proper adjustment of valves is also fundamental to guarantee a good performance of the engine following a routine maintenance of SUVs. Here you can use technical manuals and adequate tools to measure and adjust the clearance of valves according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Do not forget this adjustment directly influences the entry and exit of the air-fuel mixture and, consequently, combustion. Errors at this process may result in loss of potency, increases fuel consumption and severe pollutant emissions.

4 – When performing the maintenance of SUVs, always use quality parts

Finally, we must say that the selection of high-quality engine valves is decisive for those who seek performance, safety and the best cost effectiveness in terms of maintenance of SUVs. Components with guarantee of origin, such as the ones offered by RIO, guarantee an efficient operation and prolong the lifespan of the engine.

This is due to the fact that, at RIO, these valves are submitted to special superficial treatments that minimize friction and resist more to wear, decreasing the frequency of maintenances and service interruptions.

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