Guide: know the benefits of RIO’s camshaft in automotive repair

15 de May de 2024 4 minutes Technical Tips

Those who work with automotive repair already know that the camshaft is responsible for precisely controlling headstock valves, allowing the entry of air and fuel and the exit of exhaust gases. This component not only guarantees that the engine “breaths” properly, but also directly influences its performance, efficiency and durability — especially when the Expert decides to work with RIO’s camshaft!

With the evolution of automotive technology, the importance of a well-designed and high-quality camshaft has never been so critical. Here at RIO, these components only reach your hands and your workshop after going through a strict process of final touches, developed to guarantee maximum efficiency and high-quality repair, as we will see in more details in this article. Stay with us and good reading!

Better, more efficient and more resistant: know how RIO’s camshaft helps making the difference

At a workshop’s routine, understanding how RIO’s camshaft impacts the performance of the engine is essential. After all, the performance of this part directly affects matters such as potency, torque, fuel consumption and pollutant emission control of the vehicle. This is why, in this guide, we will see in details how a good camshaft can significantly improve the performance of a vehicle. Take a look:

1 – Powerful upgrade in the engine’s potency and torque

As we have already seen, RIO’s camshaft plays a critical role in optimizing the engine’s potency and torque — it does so by precisely handling the opening and closing timing of valves. By meticulously calibrating these variables, an adjusted camshaft allows a better air-fuel mixture, in addition to assuring that combustion occurs at the optimal timepoint.

This results in a significantly increased efficiency, where each explosion contributes more effectively for the engine’s general potency. In addition, design improvements in the axis lobules may promote a faster opening of valves, contributing to an increased entry of the air-fuel mixture and, consequently, to an increase in available potency and torque over a wider range of revolutions per minute (RPM).

2 – More efficiency in fuel consumption

Fuel efficiency is also directly influenced by the operating timing of valves controlled by RIO’s camshaft. That is, a precise calibration allows the engine to more efficiently use every drop of fuel, enhancing the combustion phase to guarantee that the energy produced is maximized.

This minimizes unnecessary fuel consumption, especially in partial charge regimens, where engines are traditionally less efficient. By adjusting the camshaft to promote valve opening and closing that better suit the specific needs of performance and economy, an optimal balance between potency, torque and fuel consumption is achieved.

3 – Increased pollutant emission control

An Expert who decides to work with RIO’s camshaft can rest assured that there will be a direct impact on decreased engine emissions. After all, by enhancing the timing of valve opening and closing, it is possible to guarantee that the air-fuel mixture is fully used, promoting a complete combustion.

In practice, this not only enhances the engine’s efficiency, but also decreases the amount of hydrocarbonates that are not burnt and other pollutants released in exhaustion. Needless to say, implementing camshafts with advanced profiles can also help decreasing combustion temperature, contributing to decreased emissions of nitrogen oxides, one of the main atmospheric pollutants.

4 – Significant increase in the engine’s durability

The engine’s longevity is other aspect that ends up benefiting from a well-designed and properly installed camshaft — and this is the case with RIO’s camshaft. Observe: by optimizing the timing of valves, there is a decrease in stress on critical components, such as valves, pistons and piston rings.

Consequently, there is less wearing over time, extending the engine’s lifespan. Precision in the opening and closing of valves also avoids the risk of collision between valves and pistons, a common issue in high-performance settings that were not properly adjusted or resulting from the installation of low-quality camshafts.

5 – Optimized throttle response

Finally, we cannot forget that throttle response is notably improved when the vehicle has RIO’s camshaft. By optimizing the axis lobules profile, it is possible to adjust how and when valves open and close in response to the driver’s actions.

In other words, it is possible to achieve a more immediate and direct response from the engine, increasing the feeling of control and driving experience. Particularly, improved response at low and medium revolutions might transform the drivability of a vehicle, increasing the driver’s confidence and joy when driving, especially when overtaking or accelerating from low speeds.

That is: put on some thoughts when choosing your supplier

You could notice that choosing a high-quality camshaft and installing it correctly are crucial elements for maximizing the engine’s performance, right? Especially when we understand that, by working with higher quality components, which is the case of RIO’s camshaft, it is possible to improve the efficiency, potency and durability of vehicles.

This means that, by investing on components with guarantee of origin and enabling an adequate maintenance routine, an Expert can guarantee that his service will make the engine reaches its full potential, providing an optimized and sustainable driving experience for customers.

In order to make the workshop professional’s life easier, we developed a new special line of camshafts. Now, by choosing RIO’s camshaft, an Expert can work with an advanced technology component, with a special superficial treatment that guarantees less friction and, consequently, a longer lifespan of the camshaft, reinforcing our commitment in providing efficient and lasting solutions for the automotive sector!

Want to know more? Access our catalogue, check the applications for RIO’s camshaft and start revolutionizing the workshop tasks today with an authority when it comes to automotive replacement!

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