Know the main precautions in the maintenance of sports motorcycles

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Anyone who owns a repair shop is always thinking of ways to increase the number of customers and the turnover, right? Well, if you have a motorcycle repair shop and already have a consolidated clientele, a good tip is to explore the niche of maintenance of sports motorcycles! In this article, we’ll look at how to get this idea off the ground and, throughout the process, build a reputation for respect in this area. Join us!

Do you have a repair shop? It’s halfway there!

First of all, we need to establish that, unlike the mechanics for touring and low-cylinder motorcycles, the maintenance of sports motorcycles does require the space to offer some special services and equipment — in addition, of course, to rely on specific expertise to deal with larger motorcycles.

For those who already have a traditional motorcycle repair shop, it is important to know that this is already halfway. After all, its enterprise basically has all the necessary structure to accommodate the maintenance of sports motorcycles: elevators, switches, oils, spare parts, wear items and the entire network of suppliers.

In other words, it is only a matter of expanding the scope of services a little, hiring specialized labor and negotiating with its suppliers. And make no mistake: if the owners of touring and low-cylinder bikes are already traditionally zealous with their machines, the owners of sports motorcycles are even more rigorous and demanding. In other words: you need to be careful in the execution of the service!

What you need to know about maintaining sports motorcycles

Buying a sporty, high-capacity motorcycle is not cheap. Therefore, it is natural that, for the owner, every care is essential to keep everything in perfect working order and avoid inconvenience. In this sense, it is up to the mechanic to offer the certainty that he understands the subject and that he is equipped to solve any problem that the engine may present.

For this, there are some mechanics tips for motorcycles that can help, especially if you have a workshop and intend to serve that audience — and implementing a regular review policy is one of them. This constant care, for example, directly impacts the reliability and, mainly, the safety of the motorcycle, whether in the asphalt of the cities, or in the long road trips.

It is essential that this maintenance of sports motorcycles takes place in the right way and at the intervals determined by the manufacturers. In addition, it is necessary to be aware of other daily practices that ensure the proper functioning of motorcycle mechanics, and this is what we will see in the next topic!

4 cares in the maintenance of sports motorcycles

Next, you’ll look at items that must always undergo a thorough professional evaluation and that cannot be left off your radar during these periodic maintenance routines. After all, afailure in any of them can be catastrophic, both for the bike and the rider. Take note!

1- Brake systems

There is no doubt that brakes are the most important safety items of sports motorcycles. They go through extreme situations and need to hold a heavy bike that, in most cases, moves at high speeds. This is why the brake pads need to be up to date so that no incidents happen to the rider and his pillion, if any. An important tip is to ensure that this is the first item checked whenever a motorcycle enters your repair shop, a simple practice that can save lives!

2- Tire wear

As we talked about before, sports bikes are usually heavier than touring bikes, and this ends up requiring more of the tires. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the signs that they need to be replaced, such as the appearance of bubbles and irregular wear on the sides of the tires. You need to alert your client so that he avoids traveling with a bald tire or even very worn. At high speeds, this component may not hold and rupture without warning, causing accidents.

3- Interface kit

The motorcycle interface kit is formed by the crown, chain and pinion, which need to be up to date to ensure unsurprising riding. However, like the time of use and other adverse factors, this set of parts tends to wear and it is necessary to be attentive to know when to change it. Issues such as riding style, part quality, problems with other components — gearbox, frame, scale and rear wheel — can accelerate your wear. Be sure to always clean, lubricate and keep the correct adjustment for your customers.

4 – Air Filter

Just like in cars, the air filter acts as a kind of lung for the bike. Without the support of this item, the engine cannot put good quality air inside the combustion chamber, impairing the burning and performance of the motorcycle. The cleaner and clearer the air, the better the burn and the engine develops more power. Therefore, clean the filter and indicate to the customer the change when necessary. In addition to always ensuring maximum power, you also prevent debris and contamination from entering the engine and damaging internal parts!

Work hard in your maintenance routine

Finally, to ensure that your repair shop is able to offer the best possible service during the maintenance of sports motorcycles, be very careful when choosing your parts and components supplier! It is up to you not to give up quality when it comes to replacement, since using second-hand materials or materials of doubtful origin can directly affect the proper functioning of the motorcycle and the safety of the rider.

Here, give preference to suppliers such as RIO, which combines market experience, recognized quality and guarantee of origin to act as a true partner of your business. Check out our catalog, talk to us and find out how ensuring a good reputation gets much easier when Orange Quality is with you!


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