Motorcycle with engine losing power? Find out what the repair shop can do!

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Anyone who works with motorcycle repairs is well aware that a motorcycle with the engine losing power is one of the most common and recurring complaints among customers in this line of service. This is because, unlike what happens in passenger cars, for example, it is much easier to “feel” the loss of power in motorcycles.

However, it is true that the causes for this loss of performance can be many, which ends up requiring a more detailed analysis from the mechanic: the problems can be physical, adjustment, adjustment or even a consequence of wear of parts and components of the cylinder head. Therefore, investigating is necessary!

Motorcycle with engine losing power or failing is a sign of trouble

Knowing what are the main problems that can leave the engine weak — and knowing how to identify and differentiate the signs that they are occurring — is essential to speed up the work in the repair shop. This makes it easier to diagnose the defect and offer the best solution for the customer. That’s why, in this article, we’ve selected some of the most common causes! Check them out:

1- Non-standard engine oil volume

Since hope is the last one that dies, let’s start with the “easiest” problem to solve, which is the unregulated volume of oil in the engine. Whether excess or lack, the fact is that the oil needs to be applied in the right amount. This is because, with little oil, the moving parts do not receive the necessary lubrication, accelerating wear and compromising performance. 

On the other hand, excess oil also causes a more significant burn of this lubricant, causing the burnt oil to reach the combustion chamber through the valves. Result? Engine losing power! Here, adjusting the level is essential, but it is also worth checking that prolonged exposure to the problem has not damaged the head or cylinders!

2- Problems with the motorcycle clutch

If the motorcycle’s clutch system is not with all its components working perfectly, it is also possible that an eventual deterioration in the engine’s performance can be noticed. In this system, the most common is that some adjustment failure, wear or misuse causes the system to be partially activated when the motorcycle is in motion, even if the rider has not pulled the clutch.

Remember that if this cable is excessively tensioned, the pilot will certainly feel the engine losing power, even in situations where the rpm is higher. Nothing that changing or adjusting the cable won’t solve! If this is not the problem, however, it is worth a more careful evaluation so that the most adequate and economical solution is presented to the client.

3- Bad cylinder head seal

It is rare for this issue to affect new motorcycles. However, older motorcycles — especially those that have run away from periodic overhauls — may eventually show a decline in performance due to problems in the cylinder head seal. 

This seal, which sits between the cylinder head and the engine block, can become dented or worn, creating gaps and causing the gases to leak. As a result, the pressure exerted by the engine decreases, as does the compression. This causes an imbalance in the air and fuel solution that would feed the engine at the time of burning, compromising performance. Repairing and overhauling the cylinder head gasket may be the ideal alternative to solve the problem.

4- Dirt on the air filter

Air filter problems are also among the most common causes of engine power loss. Due to the excess of dust and debris in the air that is sucked in, the filters can end up clogged, reducing the quantity and quality of oxygen that mixes with the fuel in the combustion chamber, worsening performance. 

What can be done is cleaning the motorcycle’s air filter, especially when the customer reports that he has passed through unpaved roads and other places where there was dirt, as in these conditions it is natural for the filter to get dirty.

5- Wear of piston rings

We’ve already talked about piston rings in another post here on the blog, but it’s worth the reminder: engine losing power and smoke coming out of the exhaust could be clear signs that it’s time to get piston rings serviced. After all, the excess of smoke usually indicates that the rings have lost their main function, which is that of sealing, causing the engine to lose compression and efficiency, increasing fuel consumption and decreasing the car’s useful life.

Keep in mind that the action of the rings directly interferes with the engine’s power, as they are responsible for controlling the oil flow in the cylinder walls, ensuring compression in the combustion chamber and conducting part of the heat generated during the operation of the movable parts. It may be necessary to exchange the entire ring and piston kit to solve the problem — and the piston ring, RIO  understands!

That’s because RIO has exclusively developed the P&A kit, a launch that combines all the items you need to make a quick and accurate engine repair, all in one package, with all items ready for installation!Want to know better? Just click here and check out this new addition to our portfolio!

It is the kind of comfort and security that only a reliable supplier with market experience can offer your company! And we’re not just talking about the piston kit and piston rings: RIO  has a complete replacement portfolio for the automotive sector, with parts for the most varied applications and oversizes! Visit our website, talk to us and find out how we can help you create movement!

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