Precision engineering: the importance of innovation in the automotive industry

11 de September de 2023 5 minutes read Blog Original products

Ever since cars have been invented, the search for innovation in the automotive industry has been a constant. The need to improve drivers’ safety, vehicle efficiency and parts quality is, to date, a driving force that keeps boosting the sector, catalyzing very important changes in the sector.

In this scenario, the investment in innovation, technology and automation in the automotive spare parts development process emerges as an essential element to meet safety and efficiency demands, not only for drivers, but also for installers and mechanic professionals.

This is why in today’s article we’re going to show how this movement — which starts in automakers and automotive component factories — is reflected in the routine of auto repair shops, making the Expert’s job simpler and more efficient. Keep reading this article and have a nice read!

Understanding the transformative power of innovation in the automotive industry

Investing in technology and innovation in the automotive industry, especially when it comes to the production of spare parts, goes far beyond simple trend monitoring. Actually, there is a concern over improving and guaranteeing more safety in the experience of all parties involved in the process — from research and development teams of automakers to mechanic professionals and repairmen at the auto repair shop and grinding.

After all, for those who get down to business, this translates into safer, easier to install and more durable parts. And this is only possible thanks to the use of precision engineering techniques in the very first part development cycles, which allows for the creation of components that fit vehicle systems perfectly, reducing the margin of error during installation.

In addition, the availability of more complete kits for component replacement is also an important reflection of innovation in the automotive industry, making the work of professionals more efficient and minimizing the time necessary for completing repairs.

The same applies to more specific functionalities, such as the application of automation methods in the manufacturing process. Especially since, with more refined commands, software and equipment, it is easier to guarantee consistency in part quality, eliminating variations that might compromise vehicle performance and drivers’ safety — aside from causing headaches to those who install them!

Not to mention, of course, that the reliability of these parts contributes to minimizing risk of issues in the future, which is especially important in a context in which vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected. Thus, the mechanic may offer a higher quality service, which reflects directly into customer satisfaction and financial return to the auto repair shop!

And here at RIO, we speak of innovation with authority!

With more than 75 years of operation in the automotive industry, RIO produces original solutions and spare parts for vehicles of almost all global automakers, always with quality attested by experience and national and international certifications achieved over its history. A company that is constantly going through transformation and that understands the importance of investing in innovation in the automotive industry very well to guarantee quality and sustainability in such a crucial market!

This is so true that, here, innovation is much more than simply a concept: our production chain counts on optimized processes that are ready to meet the needs of the greatest automakers in the world. With dedicated and qualified technical engineering teams, the large investment in technology and process innovation is already part of our internal culture.

You only have to know our Prototype Factory personally, for instance, where the best of technology in additive manufacturing is combined with our technical and engineering teams’ know-how, enabling a production and test process that reduces by 65% the prototyping time and by 80% the time to develop tools.

This is a true case of innovation in the automotive industry, as well as our Measuring Arm, a state-of-the-art device that performs dimensional analysis of products and tools, reverse engineering and other applications. This is all to ensure the complete scanning of our components, comparing parts with their respective mathematical models and guaranteeing that the installer receives a final product with the exact same quality as the original!

Our mission is to create movement

And those are only a few of RIO’s differentials that you know! Here, we take seriously our mission of helping your business stay at the forefront when it comes to innovation in the automotive industry, creating movement and making a difference. So, count on us! Learn more about our solution portfolio and go further with those who really know about cars!

Do you want to know more? Visit our website or contact our team. We remain available to help you put your boldest projects into practice!

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