Social Responsibility

Aware of our role in society, we develop projects in the areas of education, culture, health promotion, environmental preservation and respect for diversity. Our goal is to bring quality of life to our team, our partners, and the local community.

Projects and actions

Grande Projeto da Virada


The focus of the program is to promote and recognize improvements in production and administrative processes made by our employees here at RIO. Encouraging creativity and innovation.



RIO has developed the Commemorative Planting (Plantio Comemorativo) project, in which native tree seedlings are planted by employees every 5 years they complete in the company. The initiative happens annually since 2002, preferably in September, in allusion to the Day of the Tree, and is carried out within the Company’s own land, which has a vast green area.



Conducted in partnership with Senai, the program aims to train young people aged 16 and 17 to work in the industry. Thus, in addition to the theory obtained in the classroom, the students have their first contact with the administrative, engineering, and production areas, putting their learning into practice here at RIO.



We were one of three companies investing in the Social Seal program, in Rio do Sul, helping to enable social and environmental projects of many organizations in the city. It is a program of the NGO Abaçaí Institute that helps municipalities to develop in areas such as education, health, environment, culture, inclusion, economics, politics and urbanization.



The flame has adopted the smile! We have implemented reverse logistics recycling proportional to 22% of the orange boxes we distribute in the market. We do this so that the recycling rate is increasingly higher in the country.


We encourage the separation of waste among our team. We have garbage cans with different colors, according to the type of material that should be deposited, distributed throughout the company’s facilities.



Riosulense is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner. It is our policy to refrain from purchasing Conflict Minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo that may finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC or an adjacent country directly or indirectly, from any source. It is a requirement that our partners do not supply RIO with any products that the supplier cannot certify as “Conflict Free”.




Treatment Plants


The process of water collection at the WTP begins with the flow of the surplus of four bodies of water located in the upper areas of the terrain, four lakes that flow into a stream. The waters that come out of these bodies of water flow through a natural gravity process and are stored in the body of water located to the left of the ETA. The ETA treats both drinking water and the water used in the furnaces. Both collected from nearby lagoons.


The Effluent Treatment Station (ETE) is composed of a wastewater treatment system for industrial and/or sanitary water, carried out by means of physical-chemical and biological processes. All the recoverable effluent generated in manufacturing processes, as well as the effluents from sinks, bathrooms and kitchens, are received at the ETE. After treatment, the treated effluent is reused in the cooling towers of the induction furnaces.

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