A sustainable automobile repair shop: How to shape yours into one?

19 de April de 2023 Technical Tips

Hey, expert! You’ve probably already heard of the sustainable automobile repair shop, right? It’s very important to be aware that even small businesses have an impact on the environment. That’s why, in today’s article, we’re going to show you how to shape yours into a sustainable one.

But don’t worry, everything you’ll read here is very easy to take up in your day-to-day routine. In addition to raising the level of your social and environmental responsibility, your business will accelerate towards the future. So let’s go!

So, what is a sustainable automobile repair shop? 

Back in the day, it was common for people to associate automobile repair shops with dirty and disorganized environments. But that’s a thing of the past. Today, automobile repair shops and machine shops have been working hard to reinvent themselves. Whether it’s in the way they relate to their customers or the environment, to evolve is necessary.

A sustainable automobile repair shop is one that is in tune with the environment. In other words, it’s a sustainable business, or one that has the green seal.

So, now that you know the concept behind a sustainable automobile repair shop, let’s proceed to the tips, shall we?

#1 – Proper disposal of liquid waste 

As you know, every automobile repair shop generates liquid waste. And disposing of them correctly requires a lot of care. After all, without proper disposal, waste can contaminate both the soil and groundwater.

And, it’s quite easy to meet the requirements in this respect. Simply dispose of oil and its packaging in the proper manner. This means that you must work with a specialized company that performs this type of collection in your area.

Additionally, it’s necessary to make your shop floor impermeable. This is because there’s always oil on the ground, right? Oh, and don’t forget to also install an oil-water separator to remove the oil from the water that flows down to the drains.

As mentioned in the previous topic, installing this oil-water separator is very important. After all, when washing the ground of your automobile repair shop, the separated oil can then receive the appropriate disposal.

#2 Proper disposal of solid waste

Remember when we talked about the packaging? Well, those materials, along with plastics, rubber, metals, as well as other items, are considered solid waste.

The best way to dispose of them properly is through recycling. This means separating these materials appropriately. Nowadays, there are plenty of available recycling institutions and waste collection sites.

In addition to the environmental benefits, you can also make a positive social impact.

#3 Water and Energy Savings

Every high-quality mechanical workshop has a lot of electrical equipment. There are many machines, tools, and technologies that use a significant amount of energy. Because of this, it’s very important to keep an eye on your consumption.

Remember: smart use of these devices is the best way to save energy. Also, it is very important to use LED bulbs for illumination. Not to mention that you should also take advantage of the natural lighting in the environment whenever possible.

As for water savings, a good tip is to install a rainwater harvester. But rest assured, this addition will not cost you much on the investment, and your savings on water consumption will surprise you right from the start.

Also, by reusing recycled water, you will have more resources at your disposal to wash parts, and even your workshop.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, you can now see how easy it is to turn your business into a sustainable automobile repair shop?

#4 Employee engagement and training

Last but not least: employee engagement. It is important to note that professionals who are aware of sustainability issues add a lot of value to your business. Therefore, don’t forget to invest in the training and education of this topic as well. After all, no one can change the world by themselves.

And, as you know, all transformation requires changes, so it is essential to keep your team positive at the workshop. .

RIO: passion for movement and for the environment.

RIO is always keeping an eye on the major trends in sustainability. Regularly, our manufacturing processes undergo improvements to make our production more sustainable. In addition, we use recycled water as well as monitor our waste disposal daily.

You can count on RIO when it comes to transforming your business into a sustainable automobile repair shop. Also, in addition to our blog, you can find more tips at our YouTube channel. Besides information on technical content, we also publish news about sustainability..

We hope today’s content has been useful to you. Don’t forget to share our news with your expert friends. Until next time!

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