Get to know RIO

We are settled in a green area of 1 200 000 square yards in the Alto Vale do Itajaí, in the city of Rio do Sul, inland Santa Catarina, about 100 km away from Blumenau. The industrial area has 27.000 square meters and there are over 900 employees in our team.

Get to know our technologies and the way we work. Take a tour around the city of Rio do Sul, in the plant of our company.

Evolution of the RIO brand

For decades, our brand was Metalúrgica Riosulense. But the long name ended up being shortened by the market itself and we assumed the name RIO in 2019. The quality of Metalúrgica Riosulense, which made the fame of the Original Orange Box, remains unchanged. You can trust that.

As the result of a long and structured process, we assumed the name RIO in 2019. More than that, we assumed our expertise in the development of new materials, in the casting of metal alloys and in high precision machining.

In parallel, we created a way of communicating directly, speaking eye to eye, translating our greatest value: the people who make RIO happen. Our entire operation is supported by all the employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Direct, open and frank contact with everyone is a priority for us.

Learn more about our history, our manifesto, and how to use the RIO brand:

Book “60 anos Metalúrgica Riosulense
– The dream takes shape”

Essential Guide to the RIO Brand