Prototype Factory

A inovação trazida pela manufatura aditiva

Our RIO Prototype Factory is the result of our desire for continuous innovation. We developed a process based on additive manufacturing, through 3D printing, in the manufacture of foundry models. We combine the possibility of checking and executing corrections before casting the part, speed in the production of complex parts and high dimensional stability. As a result, it is possible to reduce more than 50% of the time to market of your prototypes.


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3D Technology and Processes

The prototypes are produced based on our experience developing metal alloys and our technical casting know-how. In our metallurgical company, we combine 3D technology with engineering simulation tools and cutting-edge machining equipment. Together, they make a package that offers agility and guarantees the shortest deadlines in the development of cast prototypes. The quality of the prototypes is ensured, as they are produced in the same lines and submitted to the same processes as the current products for the OEM market.