Purposes and Principles

O propósito da RIO é uma afirmação de nosso eterno líder, Sr. João Stramosk:

In 1947 Mr. João Stramosk starts his journey in Metalúrgica Riosulense at the age of 20. The company was founded one year earlier.

Mr. João’s dedication and correctness are qualities that quickly lead him to assume responsibility in management positions. Only 20 years later, in 1967, he becomes the president of the company.

His determination and faith, combined with an expressive capacity for achievement, are remarkable. With words and attitudes, Mr. João generates inspiration. There are countless occasions when he, by his example, dictates the shape and the pace of RIO’s activities and attitude.

However, his most remarkable trait is the respect and appreciation for the people he interacts with. Always showing belief in the personal and professional capacity of each individual, he stimulates the collaborators around him, inspiring them to give their best. And he creates a unique personality for RIO: here everyone matters. These are four words loaded with truth.

It is about having faith in the competence, talent, and value of every human being. It is about lighting paths, igniting talents and shaping the future. This is our purpose. On this mentality, based on the personal, ethical, and moral values of our founder and focused on always valuing the collaborator and the social good of the city of Rio do Sul, we build our identity.


That’s what we do at RIO. Our 6 principles were defined in a long and structured process involving all employees and family members.

Innovative attitude

It means having the initiative to think outside the box, to believe and to identify possibilities. Together, we always inspire, risk and reinvent in order to achieve the best solutions and results!

Team spirit

It means being united by the same objective, respecting differences and putting yourself in the other’s shoes. Since the beginning of the history of RIO, we take the best out of each one, we know how to listen, we assume our mistakes and we help others. After all, together we are stronger!

Sense of delivery

It is about not measuring efforts and cooperate to deliver on time. It means having commitment to achieve goals, focusing on customer satisfaction in order to honor RIO brand.


It is about valuing the essential by acting with humility. Uncomplicate, avoid waste, treat objectively and clearly.


It means to always do what is right in any situation. It is about having character and respect, serving as an example through attitudes and behaviors.


It is about believing in something greater, in your God, and having confidence in yourself. It means to give meaning to life and make everything possible. It is about being positive and hoping that we will always win.

It reinforces what the market already knows:

At RIO, you matter. We are here to shape the future with you

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