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Valve Guides

Valve guides are hollow cylinders that are completely concentric and made of special iron or bronze alloys. They are located inside the cylinder head of the engine and guide the longitudinal displacement of the valve.

Benefits of RIO Valve Guides

  • Excellence in materials and high precision machining ensures high wear resistance and dimensional accuracy and concentricity at the level of 0.02 mm.
  • Oversizes up to 1 millimeter: greater use of the cylinder heads’ life spam
  • Finished internal diameter: reduces rework and generates precision gains.
  • Four types of materials for applications according to the engine requirement: bronze, phosphor bronze, cast iron with phosphorus and special tempered alloys.
  • Phosphorus in the composition: an important element for increasing the friction resistance.
  • Product mix: there are over 1,000 different formats for the engines of the biggest automakers in the world.
  • Manufacture of special parts for high performance engines.

Did you know?

After installing the guide, the clearance must be checked or the hole simply calibrated with a specific mechanical reamer, ensuring the correct clearance between the guide and the valve stem.