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Valve Springs

The valve springs guarantee the return of the valves after the action of the camshaft, as well as the minimum force necessary to seal the compression cylinder when the valve is closed.

Benefits of RIO valve springs

  • Made of steel wires in special chromium-vanadium or chromium-silicon alloys.
  • Original quality, following the original material and dimensional specifications.

Valve springs out of specifications:

  • Loss of power.
  • Defective valve sealing causes loss of compression.
  • Breaks and cracks in cylinder heads with rocker arms.
  • Valve locking on cylinder heads with rocker arms
  • Premature wear of valve seats.
  • Increased fuel consumption and level of pollutant emissions.

Did you know?

The valve spring should be checked and replaced when necessary. Note if:

  • The spring is out of the load/ length specification.
  • The cylinder head overheats
  • There is a need to lower the seat.
  • There was a change of tappets or hydraulic adjusters.
  • The internal spring is out of specification (in this case, all of them must be replaced).
  • Check these details with extra attention in multi-valve cylinder heads.