The Original Orange Box

Qualidade no mercado de reposição tem cor: laranja!

Since the beginning, in the first productions for the spare parts market, the packaging of RIO adopted the orange color as predominant color. At the time, a decision made by intuition, probably by RIO founder himself, João Stramosk, and which remains strong today.

Orange is strong, vibrant and carries values such as motion, desire for action, energy and friendliness. It fits perfect for us.

Over the years, RIO orange has become synonymous with quality worldwide. To the point of having our packaging pirated in the Asian market. But now we take all the precautions to prevent this from happening again, and we can ensure the quality of RIO parts in all deliveries. In the whole world.

RIO packaging shows the evolution of the brand and its positioning, increasingly aware of its qualities and responsibilities

QR-Codes: reason and emotion

RIO packages have two QR codes inside. They can be “read” by your smartphone with QR reader app. Newer devices already come with this integrated feature, without the need for an app. Modern devices already come with this feature integrated, without the need for an app. A QR Code takes you directly to a technical film about the product. In addition to expanding your knowledge, this film shows how important you are to us. The second QR Code directs you to our film Manifesto RIO, so that you will always know we believe in your talent to create motion.