Kit Comando: understand the benefits of this solution for the auto repair shop routine

8 de November de 2023 6 minutes read Technical Tips

When it comes to automotive maintenance, having the right solutions and tools at hand is essential, especially if we consider that customers require more and more agility and efficiency when they leave their vehicles at the auto repair shop. In this context, it is always good when the installer can count on products and components that have been designed exclusively to make your routine easier, and this is the case of RIO Kit Comando!

This is because we are experts in cars and know that often replacing the camshaft set is the only way to maintain engine performance and efficiency. However, usually this task is not simple: besides finding a proper camshaft for each model, the Expert also needs to look for extra components that are compatible with the other parts — which can be laborious and time-consuming.

This is when Kit Comando comes into play, a practical and smart alternative offered by RIO to simplify the installer’s routine at the auto repair shop. In this article, we are going to understand a bit better the benefits of this solution and how it can optimize the professional’s job.

What is Kit Comando and how it contributes to the Expert’s routine

Going straight to the point, Kit Comando offers, in a single package, all the essential components so that the installer can change the set — all of this with guaranteed compatibility and all the quality that only one company with tradition in innovation is able to offer. This is why you get RIO’s Kit Comando with the following items:

Camshaft: Considered as the heart of the kit, the camshaft controls the opening and closing of the engine valves. The quality of this component is crucial for engine performance.

Rocker arms: Rocker arms are responsible for transmitting motion from the camshaft to the engine valves. They have a fundamental role in engine synchronization and efficiency.

Tappet: Tappets are responsible for keeping rocker arms in contact with the camshaft. They are very important for friction reduction and smooth engine running.

And we know well that having all of these components gathered in a single complete kit contributes to simplify the replacement process, ensuring that the installer has everything he needs at hand as well as a series of other practical benefits, such as, for example:

1 – More convenience for the installer

The main advantage of a Kit Comando is the convenience. By acquiring a single kit, the automotive installer has access to all components necessary for camshaft replacement. This saves time and effort, as it is not necessary to look for every part separately.

2 – Economy for your customer

Purchasing a complete kit is often more economical than purchasing each component individually. Besides, the installer guarantees that the whole set is replaced at once, prolonging engine shelf life and reducing the number of visits to the mechanic!

3 – Compatibility when replacing it

As we have already explained, Kit Comando is designed to guarantee that all components are compatible amongst themselves and with the specific vehicle. This eliminates the risk of choosing the wrong parts which may compromise engine performance.

4 – Reduced downtime

As all components are readily available in a single package, vehicle downtime is minimized. This is crucial for both auto repair shops — where agility directly impacts the amount of service performed throughout the day — and car owners, who depend on their cars during their daily routines.

5 – Guaranteed original parts

And, obviously, we couldn’t forget to mention that another powerful benefit of RIO Kit Comando lies in the fact that every part of the set is only delivered to the installer after going through the most rigorous resistance and quality tests in the market, guaranteeing a much safer installation.

Now you just have to do your best during the installation!

You can see that Kit Comando can be a powerful ally of the installer’s routine, right? We just can’t forget that, in addition to counting on high-quality components, the service also needs to be performed with all due care and attention these parts require. And this is why we have gathered some installation tips to guarantee a successful installation. Take note:

Don’t forget to check the compatibility of the kit: Make sure that the Kit Comando you’re going to install is compatible with the model and year of the vehicle in question. It is worth consulting the manufacturer’s specifications and checking whether all parts fit perfectly.

Follow the installation instructions properly: Whether in the packages of Kit Comando or in the manufacturer’s instruction manual for the vehicle, it is also possible to find the optimal recommendations for installing the components of each car model. Remember to follow them carefully in order to guarantee a safe assembly.

Use the right tools in the installation: Make sure you have all the necessary tools for installation, including wrenches, sockets, and torque wrench. This guarantees that the work is done correctly and prevents parts from being damaged during the process.

And, in order to understand better how to identify potential issues in your camshaft and know whether it is or not time to replace parts, watch the special video we prepared in our YouTube Channel, where Filipe Pinheiro, from Market Intelligence department here at RIO, explains everything in detail. Check it out:

Lastly, remember: when choosing a RIO’s Kit Comando, you can be sure you’re investing in high-quality parts, which is good for the reputation of your auto repair shop and, of course, is essential to guarantee increasingly satisfied customers.

We hope these tips help you understand better the benefits of Kit Comando. If you have any questions, leave a comment here on the blog! Oh, and don’t forget to check RIO’s spare parts portfolio, which features over 5 thousand items for nearly all models and categories in the market!

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