Learn about the benefits of the Valve Kit for the Expert routine

27 de December de 2023 4 minutes read Blog Institutional

We already know that the engines are machines that are very complex, comprising several parts that need to work harmoniously to ensure the appropriate car performance – especially in the event of heavy-duty and more robust lines. But among all these components, the Valve Kit is undoubtedly one of the most delicate and important sets, being directly related to the car performance and, thus, merits a special attention by the applier.

And it’s just thinking about the Expert that, in this article, we will explore the importance of this set for the mechanic professional routine, highlighting the benefits of its application and sharing some valuable tips for those who don’t give up on providing a quality service to the mechanic garage customers. Come with us!

Valve Kit: simplifying the applier routine

Designed to provide more agility and safety for the Expert daily life working with heavy-duty line, the Valve Kit is a RIO innovation that arrives at the mechanic garage in two exclusive models, one containing the guide, seat, and valve and the other also including the corresponding spring, all in a single packaging and with the components ready to be installed.

In other words: a solution that is synonym of practicality, since the receipt of all these items at once significantly streamlines the applier routine, saving time and effort. In addition, it ensures the dimensional and material compatibility among components, avoiding fit problems and ensuring service quality – and who is a true professional knows the trouble that these incompatibilities can cause, right?

This is not to mention the cost-effectiveness that the Valve Kit provides. After all, buying all the components together is much cheaper than purchasing them separately and from different suppliers. That is, you not only reduce the cost of parts, but also save time that would otherwise be spent searching and purchasing each item individually, leaving the way open to focus on the service itself, increasing the efficiency of your work routine, as explained by Cleber, from RIO Customer Service. Check it out:

And speaking of efficiency, here’s an important tip…

When considering the engine maintenance – whether for light or heavy-duty line – the Expert also needs to understand the importance of always changing the Valve Kit full set, even if the problem is “just” in the guide, for instance. We explain it: when one of the kit parts has a problem, it’s very likely that the situation is only detected when its condition is already critical, showing that the engine has already been used under these conditions for a long time.

This means that the damaged part had time to affect also the other set items, since all the items are connected and work in direct contact with each other. That’s why the complete exchange is the key to ensure that the engine works properly and effectively, avoiding system imbalances, premature wear and tear problems, and malfunction.

This is not to forget that, when only one of the components is replaced, the rest of the set remains old, which may trigger incompatibility issues between new and old parts, which may lead to oil leaks, failures in engine performance, and other problems. That is, the vehicle may return to the mechanic garage soon for corrections, resulting in additional costs and customer dissatisfaction.

RIO Valve Kit: those who know it, trust it!

You already understood that the Valve Kit is a crucial component in a vehicle engine operation and that the appropriate installation process is essential to ensure quality and durability of the repair service, right? And when the subject is quality and reliability in automotive spare parts, RIO is always the ideal choice!

With over 75 years of experience in the market, we offer a full list of products with high quality and durability – including items that comprise the Valve Kit, which come to the Expert with guarantee of origin that only RIO provides. Count on us, learn about our portfolio and revolutionize the service of your mechanic garage with those who understand about the subject and love cars just like you!

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