Black Friday and the Automotive Parts market

17 de November de 2021 6 minutes Management

Second only to Christmas, Black Friday is one of the most important dates in Brazilian commerce. Clients organize themselves financially aiming to find the best sales possible. In this context, the event is a huge opportunity not only for customers, but also for merchants! But have you ever wondered what the origin of Black Friday is? Let us tell you!

Origin of Black Friday

In Brazil, the event had its first edition back in 2010. However, its origin dates from way back.
It is believed that the habit of going shopping on the fourth Friday of November started in the middle of the XX century, but would only receive its name around 1980.
Firstly, it is important to know that Black Friday doesn’t occur on a specific date because, originally, in the US, it always takes place after Thanksgiving, which happens on the fourth Thursday of November.
Once all stores are closed on this holiday, Black Friday acts as a way to encourage sales in different types of products. It has been a success since its first edition,so it soon spread to other countries. Nowadays, it is celebrated all over the world!

The Car Parts

It is visible that Black Friday increases sales in all areas and, of course, Car Parts are not an exception. Many people look for good opportunities in this field and, for you, distributor, it can be a great chance not only to get new clients, but also to retain the ones you already have!
With that in mind, RIO brought some tips to you to use Black Friday to your favor as well as you can, having profit while offering a good service and experience for your clients.

Keep your stock

Once knowing there will be a sales increase, make sure you have your most important items in good quantity to respond to the demand of orders.
In this matter, it is very important that you have suppliers you can trust, and know how to keep a good relationship with suppliers.

Make creative sales

A good way of using Black Friday in your favor is by making sales that will appeal to your clients. Thus, it is very important to search for the items you sell best, and focus on them. You can make offers in quantity, special kits, offer small gifts and many other ideas. The thing here is: be creative and put your reality in consideration.

Establish partnerships

Knowing that your clients will look for different kinds of products, a good tip is to work side by side with people that work in the same area as you.
Apart from the already mentioned relationship with suppliers, you can look for Experts you trust to establish partnerships, getting ready to give your clients the best experience possible.

Guarantee your Black Friday with RIO

With these tips, the importance of getting yourself ready for Black Friday in an effective way is even clearer. For that, you can count on us!
RIO has a complete portfolio with a variety of applications and models, which guarantees a good experience for your client!
Keep following RIO on our social medias, in order to know all about our news! Do you have any questions? Make yourself comfortable to contact us or leave a comment below! Have some great sales and see you soon!

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