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When we talk about the prospects for the automotive industry and for what we call the workshop of the future, it is no exaggeration to say that this market must face several challenges and disruptive trends in the coming years. That’s exactly why the mechanical repair professional who wants to make his business prosper must start investing and taking measures as soon as possible to prepare the project.

After all, it is already estimated that the new times will demand the acquisition of even more advanced tools, equipment and technologies — not to mention qualified labor, which is increasingly valued. Many technicians and mechanical professionals will need to be retrained to ensure the ideal skill set to handle the changing needs of car repair in the shop of the future.

4 ways to prepare the business for the workshop of the future

New technology-driven trends are already transforming the way automobiles are built, moved and repaired. In this context, the main question is how the workshop and the car repair industry itself can begin to prepare for this latent reality. That’s why, in this article, we’ve organized some useful tips to help the entrepreneur get this project off the ground! Check them out:

1 – Keep an eye on new technologies

Two or three decades ago, automotive items were quite standardized, so their mechanics were much simpler. Today, things have changed a lot and automobiles have increasingly complex and distinct characteristics. On the other hand, the workshop of the future also needs more modern, technological equipment, consistent with the high technology present in the cars it repairs.

It is clear that, at first, equipping the workshop with all this technology may require a certain investment. However, keep in mind that the return can go far beyond monetary: this equipment improves the productivity and performance of teams  and helps ensure a higher standard of quality in the services provided, improving customer satisfaction.

2- Empower your teams

Another feature of the workshop of the future that will certainly not pass up is the growing demand for qualified labor. Electronics, robotics, programming, computing and information technology are already present in most vehicles being launched — and the trend is that this movement will only grow. 

Thus, it is natural for your customers to look for a broader and more unrestricted service table, and your team must be prepared to meet this demand. So, don’t think twice when it comes to training the workshop’s workforce. Thus, your longtime employees will improve, performing functions that they would not have the competence to perform before and adding even more value to the work.

3- Segment your customers

We’ve already talked about the different profiles of the workshop’s customers here on the blog, but it’s worth noting that, with the new times, it’s not just the vehicles and their engines that are changing. Consumers and their consumption habits have also gone through — and will continue to go through — various transformations over the decades. That’s why it’s important to segment your clientele to be able to deliver the best service possible.

There are consumers, for example, who will not only want a single automotive repair, but a full service program to achieve greater safety and vehicle life. Here, there is a window for the workshop to explore some promotions and loyalty plans, almost like a subscription service, ensuring that the relationship with this new generation of consumers is strengthened to the maximum.

4- Get ready for new purchase and relationship channels

In many traditional workshops, the relationship with customers and suppliers works in the classic way: when the driver wants a repair, he/she drives to the workshop, asks for a quote and waits for the service to be completed. It works in much the same way as the relationship between the workshop and the supplier, where purchases are all made on demand and there is, in fact, no consolidated partnership between them.

But the workshop of the future promises a shift in these flows. With the ease of communication applications and virtual service, both relationships should become even closer, with the mechanic talking directly to his customers and to the supplier company via WhatsApp, Telegram and other similar platforms. Thus, services, budgets, purchase orders and recommendations must take place with the presence of fewer and fewer intermediaries and more direct and personalized contacts!

Finally, it is worth remembering that all the actions recommended here have one thing in common: regardless of whether your workshop already serves super modern and technological vehicles  or not, putting them into practice will certainly contribute to improving the workflow and ensuring that your workshop will be ready for the future when it arrives!

Oh, and don’t forget that, despite the many variables and unknowns that the future holds, one thing is certain: high quality parts and components with guaranteed origin will never go out of fashion. Therefore, to guarantee a quality inventory and invest even more in customer satisfaction, count on RIO and the complete spare parts portfolio that we offer!

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