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Piston Rings

The set of piston rings – usually three pieces – is responsible for controlling the flow of oil in the cylinder walls, ensuring compression in the combustion chamber and conducting part of the heat generated in the piston to the cylinder, dissipating it.

Benefits of RIO Piston Rings:

  • Application of special materials in the casting process.
  • Specific surface treatments with multilayer coating.
  • Precision machining in order to ensure high durability and perfect functional efficiency.

Did you know?

Production with special materials, treatment with specific techniques and high precision machining, ensure high durability and high levels of functional efficiency to the piston rings. The extra treatment ensures superior sealing, contributing to the reduction of oil consumption in the engine.

The piston ring sets consist of:

  • Compression ring: responsible for sealing 85% to 90% of the chamber’s combustion gases, preventing these gases from escaping to the engine’s crankcase. It also performs the exchange of heat absorbed by the piston to the cylinder wall.
  • Wiper ring: helps to retain the compression and wipe the excess of lubricating oil from the cylinder wall, maintaining a thin layer to reduce the friction of the assembly. It also works by sealing 10% to 15% of the combustion gases.
  • Oil ring: responsible for controlling a film of lubricating oil on the cylinder wall and discharging the excess to the crankcase. It has minimum rates of thermal transfer.